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General Sites

Crick Web Interactives
An awesome collection of quick iwb activities from the UK.
Good for primary/elem students. Keep in mind that the site is UK therefore it is sorted by the key stages not grades or age.
Utah Education Network
A nicely organized collection of K-12 resources.
This site also has a great list of active webcams around the world.
Scholastic Interactive Whiteboard Activities
A list of iwb activities arranged by curriculum topics.
Most activities lead you back to a scholastic book character.
ABC ya
A fun collection of tools arranged by K-5.
Many of the activities would work well for individual as well as group activities.
Mr. Nussbaums Site
Access to over 1000 sites all in one place broken down be grade level and curriculum area.
There is so much on this site that many people may be overwhelmed and miss the many gems here. Be sure to explore!
An app to be downloaded of awesome interactive tools.
Random group chooser, student picker, whats in the box, fridge magnets...all based on saved lists.
A huge collection of interactive resources from the UK.
Be sure to follow the age ranges versus the key stages.
FDLRS: Interactive Websites
A nice collection of resources but not searchable.
Although the pages designates these as SMART board resources they will actually work on any board.
Eduscapes: IWB tools
A small group of unique interactives.
These resources can be used on any interactive whiteboard.
Discovery Ed: Interactives
A very unusual but extremely effective interactives.
No searching available. Be sure to play ahead of time some games have shooting in them or other inappropriate things.
Sheppard Software
A huge set of curriculum supportive activities.
Doesn't seem to be searchable by grade levels.


Mr Nussbaum's Drag n Drop Math
Use drag n drop math to illustrate math concepts visually including regrouping.
Teacher component allows teacher to add their own math problems.
Math Playground
This is a great bunch of interactive tools. Some will work better one on one versus a class with an iwb.
Make sure to look around there are different tools for every grade level and topic.
Illuminations by NCTM
MANY activities to search through by standard and grade level.
There are both lessons and activities available on this site and not all are appropriate for the iwb.
TesiBoard UK
An impressive suite of tools for teaching math interactively.
The weight and measurement activities are all in UK units. The fraction activities are great though.
Ambleside Primary Angles
An incredible interactive site that explores angles and protractors.

A whole host of interactive math sites.
Resources created for SMART users but can be used with any iwb.
A whole host of interactive math sites. Second wikispace in series.
Currently under construction but still a huge gathering of links to share.
Financial Football
Visa and NFL team together to bring you this entertaining and exciting way to teach finances to students. Play the team you want for correct answers you get awesome football plays for wrong answers set backs.
You can play this head to head or as a team. I love that I decide how long the game will last.
Kids Numbers is the absolutely free math resource designed by teachers, specifically for students and children of all ages. A place where students can practice all aspects of math, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, in a fun and pressure free way.
Many fun activities that are perfect for the iwb.

Literacy/Lang Arts

TESiboard UK
Wonderful assortment of tools to help support teaching of literacy concepts such as narrative texts.
UK created resource so always be sure to preview for differences.
Ambleside Primary
Check out this awesome set of drop down menu literacy activities.

Amazing Word Tamer
A very unique take on storytelling. Follow the path of the circus while the ringmaster leads you on a storytelling adventure.
I would work through this with a class as a group. You can save whatever the class creates. After a group run through then try individual assignments.
Into the Book
This site has both student and teacher resources. The student resources target eight reading comprehension strategies with interactive tools.
The site says it's for K-4. I think it's more for 2-5+ - Karen Janowski
Spelling City
This site allows you to use words lists or create your own word lists with the purpose of allowing the students to learn their spelling words. The words are randomly put into games that the students can become interactive with. There is a list of games that are free and with membership you can access more games.
This would be useful at any elementary grade level. - Carrie
Literacy Center
Great site for young children, and is great for bilingual children as well. Letters, geometry, writing, etc.
Added byMaria Kilgore
Phonics based sight that provides a variety of activities for early literacy skills. Great for addressing reading and phonics for developing readers and ELL students. Students progress through the alphabet, beginning sounds, through simple stories. Activities include reading stories, listening stories, and repetition of new or unknown words.
Wonderful site to use with developing readers and ELL students. Can be used as a whole class or center activity in the classroom. - Alice Hartel


Childrens University of Manchester
A small but effective list of topics with interactive activites.
UK created so some topics and language may have to be explained.
Zygote Human Body
An easy to use interactive human body. You can zoom all the way down to the nerves.
Nothing is labeled but the visuals are nicely done.
Suceeding with Science
An extremely easy to navigate resource of interactive activities that can be downloaded or streamed.
The cool thing about this site
BP Science Skills
An excellent resource for older students. Starts with a video debriefing from BP and then posts a real world problem for students to solve with support.
You must register for this site but it is free.
Engineering Interact
A small group of science interactives that are easy to incorporate into a class environment.
My stsudents LOVE ParkWorld plot for physics!
Salmon Dissection
Grab a scalpel and dig in. A very easy but informative way to learn about dissection.

EDHeads is an incredible interactive site that allows students to perform surgery with guidance, design the perfect cell phone, investigate a car crash, create inventions and much much more.
Wonderful site for using with the whole class as a group. Great learning opportunities!
Dynamic Periodic Table
This is an interactive periodic table. It is meant as a learning tool not an assessment tool.
Information that you want to show is customizable so you differentiate for groups.
Interactive Electron Microscope
Great resource when you don't have the real thing. Walk students through how to use it before they get it.
Nice tutorial to get you started.
Science Bites - BBC
Incredible resources to teach simple concepts from plant growth to classification.
Better suited to elementary

Social Studies

Archiving Early America
A collection of short videos to use to support curriculum.
These videos are streaming so be aware of bandwidth in your district.
Ben Franklin Guide to States Puzzle
A drag and drop puzzle of the US with auditory feedback.
Shape to shape also list the capital and name.
Tomb of the Unknown Mummy
Navigate through a dark tomb for as long as your air and flame will last. Try to solve the mystery of who is buried in the tomb using clues you find along the way.

Go West Across America with Lewis and Clark
A choose your own adventure traveling with Lewis and Clark.
Have students vote on the direction to go.
Math & US geography resources
Added by Beth Doran

Special Needs

Jacobs Lessons
Lessons would be appropriate for early childhood or lower functioning developmental delays
Very simple choice model with audio.
Sensory World
An online environment that children can design and play in. Lots of different sensory options. Visuals and audio are just two of the things you can change.
Choose from a variety of environment options. Great stimulation activitiy.
Class Dojo
Interactive behavior management website....awesome!!!
All grade levels kids go up and mark good or bad behaviors ... Keeps a running tally....-Scott Kapchinski
Free interactive tools to learn to use software as well as lessons in daily living skills.
Excellent for special needs! Not all activities are interactive but those that are work really well on any IWB.
Region 2 library
Collection of sites for special ed
Added by Cheryl Woolwine